Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tender loving care for your spinning reels

These days, many reels are made to last, even when they are bombarded with salt water and harsh solar heat. But they still require your tender loving care. As the saying goes, you take care of them, they will also take care of you, giving you the ultimate comfort and smoothness when you are handling your trophy catch.

The TLC to your favorite reel boils down to the maintenance for your reel. Yes, it is not a simple thing to do and can consume a bit of time but it is worth every bit of effort. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of landing a trophy fish with a self maintained reel. Agree?

There are a lot of videos and guides on the website. However, they can be pretty confusing sometimes. To  simplify the matter, below are some pointers as well as 3 websites with clear explanations on basic maintenance.  

Essential steps to take note:

1. Prepare all the tools required and place them neatly on the table. 

2. Study the catalog to know where the springs are located to prevent "surprise box" attack. Usually at the bail area. 

3. Place removed parts in orderly and systematic sequence so as to make the assembly easier. 

3. Know the purpose of lube, oil and solvent. Each of them have specify purpose. See video for more information.

4. Do not use WD 40!!! This is not a lube and will damage your reel. 

5. Not all parts of the reel require grease or lubricant. Especially the clutch area.

6. Certain parts are easy to remove but difficult to place back. Make sure you remember how they are installed. 

7. Not all reels are similar, especially when they are of the different brand. 

8. If unsure, you can first try to tear apart unwanted reels before operating on your favorite one. If you are still unsure, you can simply bring it to an authorized dealer for servicing. 

For more information, please visit the site below. They have very clear explanation on how its done. 

This is a good guide to where and what to lubricant


Shimano reel

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