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Fun Facts

Salty Shark 咸鲨鱼

Most of the fish have little salt or do not taste salty at all. Sharks are unique. Accordingly to, they have meat as salty as the ocean they live in. So now you know how much salt to include in your shark meat or rather just release them : ) 
大多数的鱼肉本身都不含有盐分可是鲨鱼就不一样。根据, 鲨鱼的肉里的盐分能与他们所居住的海相比。 下次在吃鲨鱼肉时就知道因该要下多少盐了。 

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Age of Fish 鱼的年龄

Do you know that you can tell the age of the fish by looking at the scale. Look carefully at the scale if they are big enough or use a magnifier if you have one.  On the scale, there are growth rings that reveal the age of a fish. 
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Flying Fish 小飞鱼

On average, flying fish can glide 160 feet and they can reach heights up to 19 feet, 5 meters.
According to National Geographic, flying fish have been recorded stretching out their flights with consecutive glides spanning distances up to 1,312 feet (400 meters).
一般的飞鱼都能在水面上滑翔大约50米的距离与5米的高度。 根据National Geographic飞鱼的滑翔距离曾经记录在400米。太厉害了! 

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Fish can drown 鱼也会淹死

Fish live in the sea but that does not mean that they don't drown. Just like us humans, fish need oxygen, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate and drown. 
虽然鱼成长在水里不代表它们不会淹死。与人类相同, 鱼也需要氧气一旦水里的氧气不足它们就会被水淹死。
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Most Poisonous Fish 

The most poisonous fish in the world is none other than the stone fish. The venom can cause unbearable pain, swelling, tissue death, shock paralysis and even death if not treated immediately. The next time if you hook a stone accidentally, it is wise to give it a second look before holding it in your hand.  
世上最毒的鱼是石。 它的毒液能引发无法忍受的痛感,红肿, 导致组织死亡,暂时瘫痪甚至死亡。 如果下次无意把一颗石头钓上来记得要再看一次, 而不要直接用双手去抓。 

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Faster Fish in the World

Capable of travelling up to a top speed of 110km/h it is the fastest fish on Earth. The Indo-Pacific Sailfish have the power that can stress out your fishing gears. if you are chasing after one, it is advisable to have a bottle of fresh water next to you as they can help in cooling down your reel. 
它可以在短时间内达到110公里的速度。印度 - 太平洋的旗鱼是地球上最快的鱼。它的速度肯定能把一般的钓鱼用具试到极限。 如果有机会挑战它们记得要带上一瓶淡水在必要时把水l淋到鱼铰上能避免过热。

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