Sunday, June 28, 2015

Top saltwater spinning reel

What do you look out for in a salt water spinning reel? We have listed down 4 main criteria for your reference. 

Durability –  Made to last. Able to withstand the might of the ocean and the power of game fish. Start with the physical. Usually material of reel will be made of graphite,aluminium or some other non-metal substance like carbon in CI4+
Line Capacity – Should be able to be loaded with line capacity that can outrun your the game fish. 
Targeting – It is an add on bonus if you have a specific target fish and the method of fishing. Certain reels have better performance in jigging that luring, so a little research can go a long way. Knowing the species can also ensure a fair and adrenaline pumping fight. A heavy reel with lots of line capacity will certainly overpower the fish, which equals to a easy win.  
Bearings – Good bearing is important for a smooth fighting experience. 

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