Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Damai fishing experience

Having a GT (Giant Trevally) on the end of a line is the to do list for many anglers. However, many do not have the chance to do so as they often require a lots of travelling especially when you are living in Singapore. 

Knowing that, many fishing pond operators in the region are now filling their enclosures with these swimming Lamborghini. One of the best place to get the kick is Damai fishing village, Johor, Malaysia. 

Mine first encounter with the GT was in fact in one of their ponds. It was filled with excitements. Rods broken, line snapped and unexpected big groupers. 

To date, I have been there several times and it  has since become a reliable testing ground for my setups. So I thought will be good to share some of the things I have noticed in their ponds. 

The Location

Google map 


Address: Damai Fishing Village 大马钓鱼中心, Jalan Kassim Nur, 81200 Pulai, Malaysia

Here are few tips that might be useful the next time you visit Damai GT pond. 

1. Each pond have their own criteria on setup. Make sure your setup complied with their rules. They are strict with the rod and reel size but not so much on the line poundage. 

Pond C+: Fish normally below 3kg. 
Rod: PE 1 and above 
Reel: Size 3000 and above
Line: 40lbs and above 

Pond C: Fish normally above 3kg. 
Rod: PE 2 and above 
Reel: Size 4000 and above
Line: 60lbs and above 

Grouper pond 
Rod: PE 3 and above 
Reel: Size 5000 and above
Line: 80lbs and above


Pond rules

2. Doing the Burley is the most effective way of luring and triggering a feeding frenzy. However, try not to do it at the beginning as they will not last the entire 3 hours session. Usually bite rates are high during the beginning and tends to quiet down, this is when the Burley should comes in.

3. If the Burley fails. Get the fish feed and change to smaller hooks size 1/0 and 20 lbs below Fluorocarbon leader. Fish feed are dry food that they used to feed the fish there. They are almost similar to dog food, dry pellets. Slowly penetrate the pellets with the hook, ensure that they are not broken. Small hooks and light leader will ensure the pellets stay afloat for a while. Get someone to do the Burley with these pellets and cast your bait into the water at the same time. 

Fish pellets

4. From experience, raining is the best time to fish at these ponds. Lots of takes including surface poppers. The rain seems to trigger their frenzy instinct but please beware of lighting. 

5. If you have booked a session in Pond C and had enough fun with the GTs, try casting near to the extended platform. This is the area where most Groupers are hiding. Beware of the structures as they can cut your line pretty fast. 

6. Remember to de-barb your hooks as operators tend to overlooked this when fishes are crazily feeding and you certainly do not want to hurt the fish. 

Below are some pictures and videos, a compilation of the fishing experience from recent trips. 

Have fun and enjoy yourself the next time you are there, lots of tight lines and reel screaming actions!

Pond C

Pond C+


  1. I happened upon this blog and I was looking for something to do when I visit Damai next! I don’t have much angling experience under my belt. Are there classes available for first timers? Also what would you suggest as a good month to visit? Is the village family friendly?

    Andrea Wilkins @ Getaway Outdoors

  2. HI, i am am undergrad, need to do survey for course.
    do you think its an ideal place?
    how is the population there?
    is there any major fishing business going there. Please advise

    thanks a lot ~

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