Thursday, July 23, 2015

3 keywords for selecting a wire leader

Using wire leader is not always the best choice in fishing as they are more visible in the water and not easy to rig up hooks. Often, they are utilize only to target toothy game fish like the Tenggiri ( Narrowed barred Spanish mackerel), Barracuda, Sailfish, Marlin and Wahoo.

Today, technology has caught up with anglers' demands as there are many types of wire leaders available in the market. However, it can also get a bit confusing when choosing the right wire for your trip. Standard products are titanium, multi strand, nylon coated multi
strand and single strand stainless steel wire. 

Here are few things that you might want to look out for in a wire leader.

1.  Flexibility. A flexible wire enables easier rigging and less prone to kinking

2. Thickness. A thinner wire with stronger poundage equals to lower visibility 

3. Durability. A durable wire that can withstand the torment of predators can save precious time in changing  rig as they can be reused. This is especially crucial if the fish are in frenzy mood.  

Most hardcore anglers these days prefer titanium wire as they entail most of the above qualities. However, they come with a premium price tag compared to their counterparts. 

Sailfish caught on 20lbs multi strands stainless steel wire leader (Elephant brand)

The trick is to know what you are ready to compromise. 

Wires like nylon coated and single strand normally kink after one fish and need to be replaced. This will not be an issue if you are willing to prepare a bunch of rig prior to the trip.

Nylon coated wire also have the tendency to trap salt particles in between the coating and the wire which will lead to corrosion. It is thus advisable to discard after used. 

If the water you are fishing is tannic then thinner low visibility wire might be redundant. Then maybe opting for a thicker bite proof wire is more practical.

Knowing the right type of connection is also crucial as wire tend to work better with certain securing method.  If you are not confident in tying an albright knot then you can skip the premium selection of titanium wire and opt for the nylon coated multi strand wire that works well with crimp. 

Hope that this article is able to solves your doubts on the basic of choosing wire leader. For more detail information, below are more websites that you can visit. Cheers!

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