Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Desaru Ah Long Xperience

First time on board Ah Long's boat and was quite an experience. Boat is clean, new and spacious, ample space to maneuver.  

We arrived at the first spot and could see lots of surface action. 30 minutes past but managed to land only a small Bonito.

Sensing that the fish are not active, he bought us to the next spot. Somewhere to target some lazy fishes like the Groupers. And this were the results.....

Current movement was slow so we employed slow jigging technique with Madai and slow fall. Plenty of Groupers but most were not a keeper, so they were released later...

Captain Long is enthusiastic and passionate about fishing. 
To ensure that we get as much fun as possible, he kept the boat drifting and re-positioned it as soon as it misses the reef , 2 thumbs up! 

 All fishes caught on jig, a great practice session

A big bonus after hours of jigging. Hook up on a 8kg Tenggiri on Storm Koika jig 30g. 
You can find Ah long on Facebook.

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