Monday, July 27, 2015

Simple braided line to mono knots

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You are on a offshore trip. During a fish frenzy, your line snapped. To make the situation worst, you are only confident  in your FG or PR knot ( a knot you have practiced and tested umpteen times) which supposedly is the best  leader to braided line.

However, to tie them well it will require a fair amount of time unless you are in the Pro-category. And by the time you are ready to soak the line in again, you noticed that the school is now gone and you have missed the day's only exciting period. Sounds familiar?

As a passerby in this situation, I now armed myself with an easier and faster knot as an alternative. Despite their simplicity, most of the knots are designed to withstand very strong resistant. Personally, I use an Albright knot as a backup to the FG and it has never failed me.

Below are some compilations of fast knots video with clear step by step instructions for you to find your second best. Enjoy!

1. Albright Knot

2. Yucatan Knot

3. J Knot

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